Ricardo Guevara

Lincoln City, OR



    Electronics Technician

    2002 SE Marine Science Dr

    Newport, OR 97365



No mods, its a brand new bike.

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More Comments

I'm 47 now and really have no business getting a bike for the first time at this stage in my life. Still, I saw a Scrambler back in California when I used to live there about 10 years ago and I haven't stopped wanting one since! Anyhow, life FINALLY allowed me to get one, so now that I have it I want to enjoy it without hurting myself or anyone else. This bike is a bit tall and wide for me so I've already dropped it at a stop sign once. Doh! So now I'm looking to find other folks that I can ride with (not bruise my ego too badly in front of...) and gain confidence and experience with. I work at sea so I'm gone a lot, so I'm really hoping to capitalize on my time off the ship while the weather is so nice out!