Laurie Winslow

Beaverton, OR

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Just your average gal, riding the bike of my dreams now. Really like to cruise and putz aound on country roads, which sometimes tempts me to distraction on my way to work. ;-)


    Firearms Instruction and Safety Education

    Owner / Certified NRA Instructor

    6107 SW Murray Blvd PMB 317

    Beaverton, OR 97008


    The company name "Keep Calm and Carry" is more than just a catchy slogan, It means you have a way to defend yourself. It might be a pistol, or pepper spray, or maybe just the knowledge of what to do to keep yourself safe, but the business is dedicated to giving law abiding people options to live a more stress free lifestyle.

    Law Enforcement

    Police Desk Clerk

    North Precinct City of Portland Police

    449 NE Emerson St

    Portland, OR 97211


    I work the front desk with a coworker as civilian support for the police. We take the phone calls at the desk and direct callers to the right places, help people who walk into the precinct, and assist officers.

Club Interests

  • Breakfast Meetings
  • Casual Gatherings
  • CMC Open House Events
  • Cruiser Day Rides
  • Motorcycle Shows
  • RAT Raids


Nothing yet, She's still so brand new.