Phil Westover

Sherwood, OR

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Tangerine/Opal White. Norman Hyde silencers, Chrome cam covers, lots of other chrome goodies, Clearbra. I SOLD THIS BIKE IN EARLY 2011. I MISS IT, BUT LOVE MY T-BIRD!

Special Edition 1700 CC. Just about every chrome accessory you can get, including wheels, pulley, covers, etc. Paint is Phantom Red Haze. My Bonnie may soon be history; I love this T-bird!


    Dental Equipment

    Senior Product Manager

    2601 Crestview Drive

    Newberg, OR


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For me, being "into" Triumph is due to great bikes, great TRAP friends to ride with and the best dealership around! Thanks to Cascade Moto Classics (Kelly, Janice, Liz, Bill and Brandt) for making my motorcycle experience so fantastic!