Triumph Tiger Troop

Established in the fall of 2014, The Triumph Tiger Troop is a collection of riders who enjoy an adventure. While initiated by a small, and slightly crazy, group of Tiger Riders, the troop is intended for all enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the back routes, destinations, and everything in-between.

Over the past year and a half we have travelled over Oregon and Washington. A small group of us even accomplished a 10-day ride through Canada. This coming year we have great rides set up and are including some overnight camping and off-road routes.


Your Pack Leader

Kate Stoller

Native to Oregon, Kate was raised in Southern Oregon. She moved from the Rogue Valley to further her education and career in the Fire Service, attending Chemeketa Community College and eventually George Fox University. She has lived and worked in the Beaverton/Metro area for over 20 years, barring a stint in Washington where she met her husband, Greg.

Being raised to believe motorcycles were dangerous, she didn't touch one until 2012, ending that record when her husband finally convinced her to let him add one to their small pool of personal vehicles. Once she saw the joy riding brought, and the responsibility, training, and safety gear that accompanied the sport, she quickly moved to acquire her own. Both Kate and Greg have Triumph Tiger 800's (his an XC).

They also have two daughters, Marin and Regan, whom they hope to share their passion for riding with.